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Photoshop CC2019(20.0)の「変形」仕様変更について



set theFileName to "PSUserConfig.txt" as text
log theFileName

set thePrefText to "TransformProportionalScale 0" as text
log thePrefText

set thePreferenceFolder to path to preferences folder from user domain
log thePreferenceFolder

set thePreferenceFolderPosixPath to POSIX path of thePreferenceFolder as text
log thePreferenceFolderPosixPath

set thePhotoshopPreferenceFolderPosixPath to ("" & thePreferenceFolderPosixPath & "Adobe Photoshop CC 2019 Settings/") as text
log thePhotoshopPreferenceFolderPosixPath

set theCommandCom to ("mkdir -p '" & thePhotoshopPreferenceFolderPosixPath & "'") as text
log theCommandCom
do shell script theCommandCom

set theCommandCom to ("touch '" & thePhotoshopPreferenceFolderPosixPath & theFileName & "'") as text
log theCommandCom
do shell script theCommandCom

set theCommandCom to ("echo \"" & thePrefText & "\" > '" & thePhotoshopPreferenceFolderPosixPath & theFileName & "'") as text
log theCommandCom
do shell script theCommandCom

tell application "Finder"
set theCommandCom to ("open '" & thePhotoshopPreferenceFolderPosixPath & "'") as text
log theCommandCom
do shell script theCommandCom
end tell

log "初期設定ファイルを作成しました"


로봇이 아니야 ロボットじゃない~君に夢中!~  Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot)  e01

Roboti Aniya (I Am Not A Robot) (2017) s01e01 Episode Script



(Episode 1) This is the third arrest.
Is that correct, Mr.
Kim Min Kyu? Take off the hat and the mask.
Don't make me repeat.
Take off the hat and the mask.
"He's seriously allergic to human contact.
" That's interesting.
Does such an allergy exist? The name of the disease isn't written on the diagnosis.
As a dermatologist, I've never heard of it.
I saw diagnoses for mental illness for military service exemption, but I never saw this before.
Kim, do you not want to serve in the military? Don't you take Korean military seriously? Don't you feel bad for others who serve? Kim Min Kyu is required to serve in the military.
What are you doing? Why are you taking off your jacket? You want to start something? Go back to your seat.
Go back to your seat.
- What? - Go back to your seat now.
I'm also scary when I take off my jacket.
Go back to your seat now.
Is it possible for me to enlist in the marines? I don't think so.
This appears only when I have physical contact.
The symptom gets worse the longer the contact.
It can't be prevented.
Symptoms can be relieved with a shot of medication.
- My goodness.
- Why did you do that? Goodness.
Of course, it's not contagious.
- Thank you so much.
- Thank you.
Do you have any questions? Sir.
It's ready.
It's already been a year since you came to me.
With such a small body, you were always so devoted to me.
You're an honest and thoughtful bride of mine.
Happy Birthday, beautiful.
All right.
Here's your birthday present.
Renew the battery, and stay with me for a long time.
You're so cute.
Unlike what you think, I'm fine being alone.
If the world comes to an end and only one person can survive, that would be me.
Come on.
I have millions of skills to live in solitude.
Am I lonely? Not at all.
We need distance between each other.
I need some space to protect myself.
I'll keep your space safe.
You can go to the bathroom.
Really? Thank you.
President Jo got me this treasure.
Do you see this product? The packaging - didn't get ruined at all.
- My gosh.
- I'm so popular.
- I love you, President Jo.
Everyone, I'm so overwhelmed by all your endless gratitude.
Excuse me, what's this line for? Oh, this line? (Worldwide Release of Limited Edition Figures) We're all waiting in line to get the limited edition figures.
Give me a call if you need someone to purchase something for you.
With an accumulated know-how of many years, I'll be able to get you any kind of limited edition products.
Oh, you're the famous President Jo.
I'm surprised to see how young you are.
My goodness.
Hello, everyone.
You all must be cold.
I've tried out a lot of businesses, and I've failed a lot of them too.
So all I have left with me is my debt and this short temper of mine.
Oh, I see.
But why are you suddenly talking to me like I'm your friend? I don't get it.
My gosh, you're unbelievable.
You're a brainless jerk who has no conscience.
Are you looking down on everyone here who's been waiting in line? I never looked down on anyone.
How dare you cut in line? If you don't get lost in three seconds, I'm going to make a toothbrush with all your nasal hair.
- Nice! - Incredible! I don't have any nasal hair sticking out! And I never cut in line! I'm not even interested in these limited edition figures.
- Get lost! - I'm not interested in this! - Go away.
- Get lost.
- Leave.
- Do you even know me? Did something happen? No, it's nothing.
You can sit back down.
It was a long wait, wasn't it? - Yes.
- Yes.
You can enter now.
Please keep your order, and slowly enter the event hall in an orderly fashion.
You may come in.
Thank you.
Move! It's mine! I'm going to have it! - My gosh.
- Move.
My gosh, who said Korea was a developed country? - Get out of my way! - Move! - Stop pushing! - Move it! - Get out of my way! - Move! - Please calm down! - Push! - Stop! - Keep going! - My gosh.
- Get out of my way.
- Go get that! - Hurry! Hello.
I successfully got it for you.
Where should we meet? Put it in the back seat.
What? Was that a speaker? Didn't you hear me? I told you to put it in the back seat.
My gosh, I can't do that.
You need to give me cash for what I got you.
Give me my money.
I already paid for the figure in advance.
And I'm going to double your commission for direct dealing.
However, on one condition.
The packaging needs to be in a perfect state.
That means I need to check the packaging first.
Why can't you trust me? Fine.
I'm confident about my products anyway.
My gosh.
No, no.
Sir, I'd like my commission now.
Please give me 300 dollars.
I stayed up all night to wait in line for this.
- I can't give it to you.
- What? There's already a stained on the box.
And there's no way I'll be able to get this figure again.
This means you failed to fulfill our contract.
How can you be brazen enough to ask me for money right now? That box was completely fine when I had it.
It seems like that stain suddenly appeared as soon as you took it.
I'd sincerely like to apologize for what happened.
Did you think I'd apologize like that? How dare you try to scam me? You're the one who tried to scam me.
I can forgive mistakes, but I can't forgive people lying to me.
My gosh, I can't believe this.
Hey, get out of the car.
Did you just lock the door? You even locked the back seat door? Are you trying to run away with the product without paying me? I refuse to give a single penny to a con artist.
Hey, you're messing with the wrong person right now.
Hey, get out of your car.
Hey, open the door.
Get out of your car! I'm going to write a review about this, so repent on what you did.
And let's never meet each other again.
You piece of trash.
Hey, where do you think you're going? Hey, stop! Hey! What? What was that sound? Did I hit her? Really? No, no, no.
No, that can't be.
My gosh, this is crazy.
President Jo.
My goodness.
You're so handsome.
Hey, where do you think you're going? Go away! Go away! Hey, let go of me.
I said, let go of me! Hey! - I'm going to kill you.
- Let go of me! - Stop touching me! - Hey! Please get away from me! Hey! I once even got hit by a plank so that I could get my money.
Do you think this is going to make me give up? Give me my money! Give me my money, you jerk! Give me my money, you punk! Hey! Stop right there! Hello, Doctor Oh.
You broke out at the Military Administration and then today? You should've been careful.
Look carefully at the rash.
Isn't this shaped differently? It's the same as always.
No, look carefully.
Until now, they were circular, but this is slightly oval.
This could be a clue to learning about my disease.
That's a half-baked pimple.
I had a cold sweat earlier.
Why don't you take a sample? I will if you want, but the result will be the same.
Why won't you put your heart and soul into this? I'm a patient.
As my doctor, you should feel pity and cling to tiny clues like this.
I did more than enough of that for 15 years.
Your illness has not yet been diagnosed.
I'm sorry, but it's time you admit that the only thing you can do is live secluded from people.
Any new drugs? None.
We tried almost everything.
I found you a smart medical device.
It was developed in Sweden and is being beta-tested.
It measures your heart rate and temperature and shows your condition as a color.
It's usually blue, yellow when you're over 100 with the early-stage rash and breathing difficulty.
Orange means you're over 1,000 with full-body rashes and closed airways.
Over 2,000, and it turns red.
- A few minutes later - I die of shock? I've never gone over 2,000.
You never know.
What's the point in wearing this? I can't date anyone or get married.
I'll have to live like a monster forever.
Might there not be just one woman who will still like you? If there were, she wouldn't be normal either.
That scumbag jerk of a thief.
You're done sleeping peacefully for the rest of your life.
My grudges will curse you, and you'll have nightmares every night.
I will not stop even if you plead with the deities.
What's that? Left, left.
- Will you be quiet? - Right, right.
I don't have a signal.
What kind of a house is this big? - Where do I land? - Find an open window.
- Go, go.
- I don't see one.
There's one.
Yes, yes, get the right angle.
What was that? Who was that? - He got it.
- He got it! - He got it! - Let's get out of here.
He got it.
What's this? (Daeyang Shipbuilding, Santa Maria) "Daeyang Shipbuilding"? That's the company I took over and am trying to sell right now.
Aji 3 is playing squash.
It has a superior mind that can trace moving objects and calculate trajectories.
It is also able to react fast enough to hit the moving ball.
- Doctor, isn't it too dark? - Squash? - Open the curtains.
- So what? Okay.
Are you okay, doctor? What's wrong? - Are you okay, master? - Yes, I'm fine.
- Can you keep filming? - What? I am filming.
It's a robot? Go right in.
Hello, Mr.
Kim Min Kyu.
I'm Doctor Hong Baek Gyoon.
Does he know me? I invite you to the demonstration of Aji 3, an android robot, that will shock the world.
Why? According to this contract, you are the new owner of Aji 3.
Please come and give us the yet unpaid 50 million dollars out of the 100 million that we were promised.
In three seconds, this flash drive will explode or not.
Were you surprised? If you see Aji 3 in person, you will be much more shocked than that.
Aji 3, the android robot that will shock the world, awaits her new owner.
I am that robot's new owner? (Hong Baek Gyoon) (The Fall of a Genius!) (Robotics Engineer Fired for Plagiarism) What does he take me for? (Top 10 Scientists of the Year) (AI Challenges the Brain.
) (Every Family Will Have a Robot.
) Hong Baek Gyoon.
You will regain your status.
You will go back one day.
(Santa Maria Research) My goodness.
My goodness.
That was scary.
What's that doing? What's this? I mean I told you already.
I don't need anything else.
Get rid of all the people.
I just want to see Aji 3.
What? I should follow this thing? What is going on? My heart Gosh.
What is this? Hello? Is anyone here? Are you Mr.
Kim Min Kyu? Gosh.
(No information) No information is available.
Are you Director Kim Min Kyu? How do you know who I am? Nice to meet you.
Let's shake hands.
Don't come near me.
Stay away.
Get away from me.
Get away from me now.
Is there anyone around? - What's the matter with him? - Is there anyone? Darn it.
I heard that his nickname is Three-Part Baton.
He does carry it after all.
Do you not want to shake hands? I'm sorry.
I'll be careful from now on.
I said to erase human beings! Do I look human? Dr.
Hong said that the more you think I'm human, the better I'm doing.
Thank you.
However, I'm not human.
What? I'm Aji 3, an android robot made by Dr.
Hong Baek Gyoon.
Aji 3? - Are you a robot? - That's right.
Hong said that you'd like me.
Do you like me? You're trying to trick me.
You're pretending to be a robot.
Don't you think I know the difference? Hey, what are you doing? I'll make you believe that I'm a robot.
Hey, wait.
You are really a robot.
? What is he doing? She's exactly like a human, but nothing happened.
Is it because she's a robot? I run automatically on battery placed in my chest.
I run for three hours after I'm fully charged.
My structure is similar to human joints.
Each of my arms holds 30kg of weight.
I can detect various smells with a sensory device.
I can recognize objects with a sense of touch.
I have 20 functions including understanding stocks, accounting, and foreign languages.
Please use me as you please.
(Episode 2) I didn't get extra funding, so I couldn't pay electricity bills.
I use electricity from a factory, but it went bankrupt today.
You're a crook in the sciences? You're a gangster in finances? Is there more I should know? - About our Santa Maria Team - I'm talking about Aji 3.
Of course.
Aji 3.
How do I feel now? (Angry) You're angry.
I'm sorry.
Did I do something wrong, doctor? No, I'm not angry.
I'm happy that you aren't angry.
This is Aji 3's main skill.
Aji 3 went through deep learning, an essential process for artificial intelligence.
She can read facial expressions and feel emotions.
I guarantee it.
Soon, we'll live in a time where we train robots.
Train robots? Is it like training dogs? Sir, do you want to hear a joke? What? What's a cow that you can't understand? I don't know.
You just laughed.
My sense of humor made you laugh.
Is this her main skill that you spoke of? Aji 3 needs a month of deep-learning per person.
She must accumulate enough information to understand Tomorrow, I'll check if her skills work.
We'll discuss additional funding later.
Send Aji 3 to my house tomorrow so that I can test her out.
Please sit down.
Are you prepared for the contract? - Yes.
- Yes.
This is the last time.
Let's hit a home run in one go.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Hello, sir.
I'll join the meeting now.
Get ready.
Pardon? Hello? Security manager? Director Kim is on his way.
Right now? Yes, sir.
- Emergency.
- Emergency.
He's coming.
Come this way now.
Hurry up, everyone! Faster.
Get a move on.
Emergency alert.
Director Kim is arriving.
Director Kim is arriving.
Reduce the pay of that employee.
Please continue without stopping.
In two days, we will sign an agreement to sell the RnD Team to the Bold Group from the UK.
That will happen, as planned, in the main conference room.
This deal will conclude the division and sale of Daeyang Shipbuilding.
Thank you.
Yes, director? There's something I don't know much about.
What does Daeyang Shipbuilding's RnD Team research? I believe they research technology to build ships.
I invite you to the demonstration of Aji 3, an android robot, that will shock the world.
I see.
There's something I really don't know.
The Santa Maria team.
What are their accomplishments? I don't believe they have anything noteworthy.
You'd better take responsibility for that.
Pardon? You're hanging in there.
You must be tough.
- What? Who - Don't you know me? I head the Social Contribution Team.
I've been the brain of the company for 20 years.
I apologize.
I've only worked here for a month.
You work directly with Three-Part Baton I mean, Director Kim.
It must be hard.
No one can stand him for over a month.
I think you're our 25th hire.
25th? If you want to switch loyalties, come to me.
I will act as a go-between.
What do you mean? Don't you know of the company's two rivals? Chairman Hwang Yoo Cheol and Three-Part Baton.
Why? Chairman Hwang and Mr.
Baton are friends and rivals.
You're acting out of character.
Acting out of character is my specialty.
You know that.
I'm in charge of selling Daeyang Shipbuilding.
- You're messing up the order - You are the chairman.
Me? Head of the board of directors.
I keep the company going, and I earn 70 percent of KM Financial's profits.
Is there still a problem in the order and hierarchy? What is it? - If you want to say - Not right now.
I might have something to say later on.
Until then, keep doing what you were doing.
Whatever it was.
(Email to Madam X) (Requesting X-Files for Daeyang Shipbuilding's late Chairman Park) It worked, it worked.
Why isn't this one lighting up? Tada.
It's on.
That's not what I asked for.
How many times must I explain? If you're that frustrated, make it yourself.
Come on, Mr.
- Look at this.
- At what? See, someone touches this light with their hands.
As soon as someone does that, the other light has to light up.
Whether it's in Korea or Africa, if there's wifi, they both have to light up.
That's the whole point.
Will this actually be mass-produced? Competitions are hard to enter, and I, President Jo, managed to reach the final stage with my idea.
If my prototype and presentation get me first place, 100,000 dollars will end up in my account.
It'll be goodbye to part-time jobs.
President Jo will make a comeback.
I'd known we had no budget because the company was failing, but who knew that huge company would get sold off? We're siphoning electricity from next door and have no money to pay the rent.
There's always a way out.
The new company's really rich.
They'll give us 50 million no problem, right? When the money comes in, let's move.
We must change her battery.
And sensors and parts.
Change everything.
A new vat for new wine.
A new robot in a new facility.
- I brought more beer.
- Thank you, thank you.
Aji 3.
What pick comes whenever we eat meat? - A toothpick.
- A toothpick.
Right? Stop teaching her weird things.
That's why she's weird.
No one makes her laugh as much as I do.
Shall we bet? 10 dollars? - Are you in? - I'm in.
- I'm in.
- Yes.
Aji 3, when we get more funding, I will give you silicone breasts.
I do not know what that means.
- You're out.
- Aji 3.
What happens when your cheekbones jump into the air? Cheekbones can't jump into the air.
They aren't dragons.
- You're out.
- You're out.
Aji 3.
- Smile.
- Bingo.
That's a con.
- That's unfair.
- I could say that.
But you didn't.
Pay up.
So that's where Aji 3 and Three-Part Baton's memories will be saved? Go away, will you? Don't you see her chest's open? Just one drop of fluid will short her circuits and fry her! Hey.
Can you throw this away for me? Thank you.
I'm home.
Why are you both standing there? Dad's home, Auntie.
Your brother found out.
Jin Bae, will you let me explain first? - Come over here.
- Jin Bae.
Jin Bae.
Didn't I say I'd kick you out if you started another business? Didn't I tell you to get a job? Jin Bae, Jin Bae.
I was going to get a job.
I just can't.
Then you should improve yourself and find a way, not think you're an entrepreneur.
How dare you borrow from my wife? As much as 10,000 dollars? What did you spend that on? What trash did you make this time? I'm really sorry.
Stop running around.
You have weak lungs.
When will you grow up? I get what you mean.
Shall we talk after dinner? It's your birthday today.
I bought your favorite cake.
Did I tell you to? Can't you Can't you just cheer me on? Dad supported you, and you studied to your heart's content.
You went to a good university and became a lawyer.
You got married, had Dong Hyun, and accomplished everything.
Who cares about my degree and my job? Do you think my life's great? It's so incredibly great.
Can't you let me off? Now that Dad's gone, I only have you to lean on.
Forget it.
Quit everything you were doing.
I won't ask you to pay any bills.
Don't sleep during the day.
Take a class, or find a job.
Don't take the easy way out.
Do you think this is easy? It's just as hard as finding a job.
Why do I sleep during the day? I stayed up last night and the night before.
To pay you back.
Then pay us back.
Go to the bank, and pay us back.
I will.
I said I will! Hello, I was wondering Hoktal, did you find one? There's nothing.
I'm really sorry.
I should just die.
If you can talk, make another call.
- Ssanip, anything? - No.
Thank you.
I found one.
There was one left in C Lab.
But it's coming from abroad and will arrive in two days.
Will Three-Part Baton give us a two-day extension? We must ask.
- Pai, you call.
- Me? Wouldn't it be better coming from a woman? Do I seem like a woman to you? I'll call him.
- What is it? - Director.
I'd like you to give me two more days to test out Aji 3.
I didn't tell you something earlier.
Daeyang Shipbuilding's RnD Team including Santa Maria will be sold to the UK's Bold Group in two days' time.
We only have tomorrow to test her out.
(Bold Group, John Martin) A patent hunter? He'll split Aji 3 up and sell her parts.
I'll pay you back.
I'll take out a loan to pay you back.
Who's this? I don't need a loan.
My credit rating has hit rock bottom.
I don't need a loan.
If you want to give me money, give me 10,000 dollars.
It's been a while.
Who is this? It's me.
Have you forgotten my voice? I have a terrible memory.
Who are you? Were we close? You're too chummy.
It's Hong Baek Gyoon.
What? Hong and Baek? Don't pretend you don't remember me.
It's me, Fungus Guy.
If you have fungus, bleach is what you need.
I'll give you 10,000 dollars.
Where are you? What kind of a name is Fungus Guy? Is Fungus his name and Guy his surname? Was it that Fungus Guy? How could you forget about him, you idiot? I can't meet him looking like this.
It's been a long time.
Your hair Why How When did you cut it? Why did you go and cut your hair? Your breasts How padded is your bra? Okay, so You can wear a wig and wear bras without any padding.
When most people meet again after a long while, they ask how the other person's been doing.
Yes, right.
It looks like you haven't been doing too well.
So I'm glad.
Your face is more wrinkly.
I'm glad too.
What? Why do you still care so much? You still don't listen to me, so that hasn't changed.
We broke up, so listen carefully to what I have to say, professor.
When most people hear a comment like that, they focus on the phrase about wrinkles, but you You focus on the word "you".
Your brain is structured so that you only listen to the words you want to hear.
You need to fix that.
That's That's really mean.
It's because I'm a genius.
Why are you here, Mr.
Genius? - To help you pay back your debt.
- My debt? You must feel bad for what you did.
I'll give you a chance to make it up to me.
10,000 dollars.
Take the money, and work part-time for me.
- For just three hours tomorrow.
- 10,000 Are you going to sell my organs? It's something only you can do.
That's what the money's for.
Just 1 day for 3 hours.
What kind of a job is it? If Active Sound were to go in Just a moment.
If this goes in there The decision sequence Mamma mia.
Are you finally awake, Aji? Did you fix her? How did you fix her without the parts? Our team really is the best.
You're wearing a different wig.
Why are your breasts so big? Did the battery puff up? Don't worry.
I'll fix you.
Say hello.
This is Jo Ji A, Aji 3's model.
Model? She's a human being? Oh dear.
I'm sorry, but how do you know each other? Once upon a time, we knew each other for a while.
What's this about a model? Why Why am I over there? Has your ex lost his mind? The scientist who made a robot with his ex's face.
How good a likeness was it? Did it look human? Like something from an SF movie? - Is this fun? - I'm worried.
Breakups follow something called the Law of Lunacy.
The lunacy you didn't release during the breakup is bound to come out one day.
I think this is his lunacy coming out.
What lunacy is that? He still has feelings for you.
Are you trying to make me hopeful or scared? Which is it? - Shall we flip? - You're a goner.
I think you aren't over him either.
See him again.
Take the job.
Just to get over him.
No, I won't see him.
I'd rather get thrown out of my house than take that crazy job.
You're sisters-in-law now, not friends.
Why did you get her a loan? She's still like that because you keep babying her.
Okay, I get what you mean.
Can't we let her come home? No way.
She can't come home until she pays us back.
My back hurts.
I should bill him for medical expenses.
That evil scumbag of a thief.
My necklace.
The 10,000 dollars.
I think you owe me that much for giving your robot my face.
I'll do the job for you for free.
That's shamelessly illogical, but the result's the same, so deal.
I hope that my doing this doesn't give you the idea that I have residual feelings for you.
I also hope that you don't think I asked you because I have feelings.
What should I do? Where did it go? Did it fall on the floor? This is insane.
Where Hey.
Give me my money! Give me my money, you jerk! Give me my money! That crazy President Jo! Robots from previous generations had clunky movements.
They moved like this.
Beetle, keep still.
Look at me.
These days, state of the art robots move like humans.
Move effortlessly in fluid motions.
Smoothly, smoothly, like a human.
To look sideways, turn your head first and then your body.
Walk smoothly.
Do you understand? - Yes.
- It's easy, right? Be smooth.
Hey, stay still.
Are you trying to do the traditional masked dance? - This is what you did.
- Are you being serious? - Did I really do that? - Let's try it again.
First generation robots used to put down objects like this.
Then they'd just let go of it irresponsibly.
But Aji 3 was different.
She would be very careful.
She'd put it down slowly like this, and she'd make sure not to make a sound.
You should give it a try.
Go on.
You just made a sound.
That's right.
You need to put this in like this.
What's this? Is this all? I thought there'd be something more since I had to act like a robot.
That contact lens is a subminiature camera.
And this is a wireless transmitter.
Wear it on your wrist.
Hoktal, connect it with our network.
All done, sir.
- Incredible.
- You're connected to Aji 3 now.
To make it easier to understand, you're Aji 3's avatar.
Aji 3 will be seeing and hearing everything you see and hear.
Then the display will show you what you need to do in text or video.
You just need to follow the instructions.
Hi, Aji 3.
I love you, master.
What can I help you with? (I love you, master.
What can I help you with?) "I" Are you seriously asking me to say that? Did you make that robot say, "I love you," to you every day? Do you still have feelings for me? What? "Feelings"? What are you talking about? I told you not to misunderstand my intentions.
Aji 3 is different from you.
She has everything you lack.
She's perfect.
She's incommensurably smarter than you.
Did you just say she's more perfect and smarter than me? In what ways? She's just a robot.
She's no different to a doll.
Aji 3, analyze the stock market in Europe.
My gosh.
Aji 3, read the most recent article that got published on Science.
Read the original text.
My gosh, this is incredible.
I feel like a genius.
You have an IQ level of 94.
However, Aji 3's IQ level is immeasurable.
She's the genius.
But how am I supposed to read this? I can't speak English.
(Santa Maria, Daeyang Shipbuilding) My gosh, what should we do? Get out of the car, and look for a bell.
- It's opening! - My goodness.
My gosh.
We're here.
(Nasty Jerk) What do you want, Nasty Jerk? You finally picked up your phone.
I was a little busy.
Did you finally decide to pay me? I'd be glad to get my money.
You took my necklace, didn't you? What? Why are you trying to blame me for something you lost? You grabbed my necklace and snatched it from my neck.
- Can't you remember? - This is ridiculous.
You better give me back my necklace before I actually sue you.
Hey, are you sick? I'm being serious right now.
- Go see a doctor.
- What? You shouldn't be embarrassed of going to a psychiatrist.
Go see a doctor for your own good.
What kind of person does he think I am? (Nasty Jerk: 156 Missed Calls, 45 Text Messages) He left me 156 missed calls and 45 text messages.
- She's going in.
- She's going in right now.
My gosh, what a nice house.
This place feels like LA.
- I have a friend named Jane in LA.
- My gosh.
Is this a house? Her red hair was really pretty.
My gosh, this place is like LA.
It reminds me of Jane.
- Turn off your cell phone.
- It's not mine.
- Turn it off, please.
- My gosh.
- Ji A, turn off your phone.
- She took her cell phone? - Is she crazy? Turn it off.
- Ji A, please turn off your phone.
My gosh.
Please turn it off.
If you call me one more time, I'm going to call the police.
- That's what I should be saying.
- Please If you don't give me back my necklace, I'm going to chase you until My gosh, this crazy woman.
My gosh, this crazy jerk.
- Ta-da.
- Here you go.
A glass of water would've been great.
Hi, Aji 3.
I love you, master.
What can I My gosh! My goodness.
(I Am Not a Robot)




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