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ダウンロード - リソースフォーク削除.zip



on run
set theDefLoc to path to downloads folder from user domain
--------Uniform Type Identifier指定詳しくは http://goo.gl/6jAQa
set theFileType to "public.data" as text
set AppleScript's text item delimiters to {","}
set theFileTypeList to every text item of theFileType
set theWithPrompt to theFileType & (ASCII character 13) & "ファイルをえらんでください" & (ASCII character 13) & ""
set theWithPromptMes to "選んだファイルの" & (ASCII character 13) & "拡張子を変更します"
open (choose file default location theDefLoc ¬
with prompt theWithPrompt & theWithPromptMes ¬
of type theFileTypeList ¬
invisibles true ¬
with multiple selections allowed without showing package contents)
end run

on open DropObj
repeat with ObjFiles in DropObj
--------file informationを取得

set aliasDropFilePass to ObjFiles as alias
set theDropFilePass to POSIX path of aliasDropFilePass
log theDropFilePass
set theComandText to ("/usr/bin/xattr -d com.apple.ResourceFork \"" & theDropFilePass & "\"") as text
do shell script theComandText
end try
end repeat
end open



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